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Lokta Paper Greeting Cards Set of 8: Ganesha Bodhi Leaf


These beautifully coloured and decorated greetings card sets are made from the fibrous inner bark of an evergreen shrub named Daphne or Lokta. The bush regenerates every 4-6 years after it is pruned for paper-making purposes. The paper is not treated with bleach or acid. It is handmade in rural, high altitude villages of Nepal. Lokta paper has a beautiful texture containing natural flecks from the bush. The paper is resistant to insects and mildew and is very strong. Lokta paper has been used in ancient texts in Nepal and is preservable for centuries.Thus, Lokta paper is one of the most sought after non-tree papers. The outside of each card has a painting of Lord Ganesha on top of the dried leaf from a Bodhi tree. The cards are blank inside. There are eight cards in each set. Includes a Lokta paper info page. Please note: each card in the set is of a different colour. However, the colours you receive may not be exactly the same as those depicted in this picture.


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